Wednesday, March 19, 2008

30 things I can do to appreciate my marriage…

Here is my list! Some of these are things I will try to do once in the next 30 days, others I will try to do weekly or even daily. But each one is something small that will make my marriage a little better at the end of the day than it was at the beginning. So come on, let's see yours!

  1. Pray for him
  2. Pray with him
  3. Leave a card in his truck
  4. Take out the trash
  5. Make the bed every day
  6. Take him lunch
  7. Plan a date
  8. Plan a "date" ;-)
  9. Make snacks once a week
  10. Put a note in his briefcase
  11. Give him a little gift
  12. Go for a bike ride together
  13. Unplug the TV one night a week J
  14. Keep my "hot spot" clean (I have a little area that tends to gather clutter… He copes with it well, but I know it drives him nuts!)
  15. Tell him how much I appreciate him
  16. Give him a foot rub
  17. Give him a back rub
  18. Watch one of his "Discovery Channel" shows with him, and actually pay attention J
  19. Plan a candlelight dessert after the kids go to bed
  20. Play pool together
  21. Praise him as a husband
  22. Praise him as a father
  23. Have the house clean when he comes home from work
  24. Stay off the phone when he's home
  25. Fix a special dinner once a week
  26. Print pictures for his office (He's been asking me to do this for a while.)
  27. Write him a letter
  28. Go for a walk together
  29. One that I'm not sharing… ;-)
  30. Read the Bible together

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