Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ummmm… She’s HOW old?

Those who know me and my family also know that I have a three-going-on-thirteen-year-old in my house. She's got the attitude all ready to go, she just needs the puberty to go with it. But even I was unprepared for our conversation last night.

I had planned to put her to bed at 7:00 because she didn't sleep at naptime yesterday, and that's our typical routine. (Nap = 8:00 bed time, laying down quietly with no sleep = 7:00, up and playing during naptime = 6:00-6:30. Yeah, I really can't complain!) But I was feeling lazy generous, and decided not to start the battle bed time until closer to 7:30.

Finally, I told her it was time to get her PJs. She heard, "Gracie, would you please turn your music up louder?" I told her again, and she did it… eventually.

I told her to go sit on the potty. She heard, "Gracie, I would love to see you play with your balloon a little more!" I told her again, and she decided to look out the window.

I told her a third time (rather firmly), and she ran out of the room muttering something with a word that sounded distinctly like "hate."

I thought maybe we should talk about that.

I called her back into the room and asked her what she just said. She looked me in the eye with no hesitation and said, "I said, 'I love you.'"

I took a deep breath and tried to stop seeing red before proceeding.

I explained to her that there would be consequences for what she said, but it would be worse if she were to add lying to the list.

She did then come clean… but HELLO! Where does she GET this? She's not even FOUR, people!

She DID start reading the "Bob Books" this week, so who knows—maybe she's reading Seventeen magazine behind my back…


The Blonde Duck said...

Popped in from SITS to say hi!

Courtney said...

hahaha...Callee, except she won't be 3 until July. Oy vey...she's goin to live with my mom when she hits puberty

missy said...

stopping by from SITS.
that is a cute will get better as they get older......i hope!!!!
i have 2 wonderful daughters who are 17 and 14.
but that is a very blog~worthy story......i laughed.....sorry!!!!!

Kristin said...

Here from SITS too and I feel your pain. I have a 9 month old with 'tude galore. He actually took his bink of his mouth and threw it when I took something away from him. Good thing he's so dang cute!