Monday, June 2, 2008

Three years ago today...

...I went to my 40-week maternity appointment, and the doctor sent me to the hospital. He looked at me and said (just a little too matter-of-factly, if you ask me!), "It looks like we're gonna have a baby today."

...I realized that contractions get much stronger after your water breaks.

...I found out how nice an epidural can be. :-)

...I had no idea what I was getting into.

...I didn't know I could love another person so much without ever getting anything from them.

...I had no idea who the Little Einsteins are, or Max & Ruby, or Dora the Explorer.
...I didn't have regular conversations about poop--and didn't know what I was missing. :-)

...I had no idea what an amazing little girl God was bringing into my life.

...I got to meet my beautiful little Gracie for the first time.

Happy Birthday, Grace.


connie_anne said...

Hi Katy, I followed your link from the adoption board at ivillage and enjoyed your blog - it gives me some ideas for mine. As the mom to two adopted children I look forward to reading your story.

erin said...

happy late birthday Gracie!! :)


Anonymous said...

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