Friday, May 22, 2009

Links, Links, Everywhere!

Alright, folks. Today is a light day, because... well, just because. I'm taking a "Mental Health Day" today, and spending naptime working on last year's scrapbook. I am NOT going to write anything deep or introspective, nor am I deep-cleaning my kitchen cabinets.

OK, so now that we've got that straight, let's get back to what we're doing here. I have been coming across some fun links lately, and I would like to share them with you.
  • Highlights Magazine - I never really thought to check their site, but they have lots of fun stuff, including Hidden Pictures puzzles that your kids can do online.
  • Getting Boys to Read - I just discovered this one a few minutes ago, but am already really liking it. If you have boys of any age, this is a good site to check out.
  • First School - For the "home preschool" that Grace and I have been doing faithfully at least one day a month (ha ha), I have found this site extremely helpful. It's got great worksheets and activity ideas.
  • Preschool Express - WOW. Jean Warren has TONS of great craft and activity ideas to do with your preschooler. She has many different "stations", so you can search in whatever way best suits your needs. This site has been absolutely INVALUABLE to me.
  • And since I mentioned doing preschool with Grace, let me also list Letter of the Week, which is a fabulous resource for parents of kids from infants - probably age 11 or so, although I haven't looked much beyond the preschool stuff. She has several different curriculums, including a whole line of ideas for babies and toddlers. While I have been less than consistent with carrying out the whole preschool-at-home thing, I have found this site to be unbelievably helpful, and have even been able to e-mail back and forth with Katrina, the site's creator, and she has been generous and kind in her advice to a non-teacher. :-)

OK, in case you didn't notice the theme, I'm thinking a lot today about sites that help me be a beter parent. :-) So hopefully this will help you too. Good luck, and have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!


Jennifer Godale said...

Just to make you feel better... I did no formal pre-school with Chase. And I never had a formal plan at home. And she was totally prepared and fine for kindergarten. As long as you are reading with your child, making a point of learning new things with them (letters, numbers, colors, world around you.) they will be prepared. I think as a society we focus on too formal of learning at too young of an age. I didn't even do kindergarten, but was reading earlier than that. As for socializing... I think Library story times, playdates and church can be plenty. So there you have it. I believe that you spend lots of time "teaching" your children... EVERY day. Best lessons they can have at this stage in their lives. So go easy on yourself.

Okay. I will get off my soap box now :)

Courtney said...

I agree with the comment above. Taylor went to formal preschool for about a year and a half, only for the social aspect of it. I didn't want her to cling & cry when it was time for school. Callee is a little more attached then Taylor was so I will probably send her the full two years, but not because I think she is "behind" academically, but socially she is only her mama's friend, which isn't good when your mama can't go to kindergarten with you.