Thursday, September 3, 2009

Change of plans...

My poor husband can't catch a break. For the last two days he has worked 7 AM - 10 PM or later, trying to get caught up on some things before we go on vacation later this month. Today he was back in at 7, worked until about 4:30, then went on a bike ride with a couple of friends. It was a nice reward after some long days, and a chance to get out of the office and get some exercise as well.

And then we planned to have a nice evening. We met for dinner at Cracker Barrel, after which we planned to go to an apartment showing (for a place that we are renting out--we're not moving!) and then go test drive some minivans. (We're not going to fit three kids across the back seat of my Prius...!)

BUT... it didn't happen. We had a nice dinner, and then got in our separate cars, heading for home so that we could drop one off and ride together. Jon put his truck in reverse... at the same time that the lady parked behind him put her car in reverse. They back right into each other. Oy.

No one was hurt, and it was a "no fault" accident, but our big evening out (work and picking out a minivan... but still...) was not to be. I came home to relieve my mother-in-law--she was babysitting, but she also works for Jon and knows more about the apartments than I do--and she went to do the showing. Jon, of course, stayed there with his truck to wait for the police.

Oh well. The minivan will wait, I guess. And I am extremely grateful that everyone was fine. Tonight I'll thank God for a healthy family and minimal damage.

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Courtney said...

Sorry that happened, but glad everyone is okay.