Tuesday, September 1, 2009


So I logged on to my blog today to see if there was anything new… and there wasn't! Those darn blog fairies have apparently gone on strike—I hear that they are striking in conjunction with their union "cousins", the laundry fairies and dish-washing fairies. So apparently it's up to me to pick up the slack. Aye, aye, aye.

OK, so I sat down to write this really serious post filled with Deep Thoughts About Life and other important things. But I just can't do it yet.

So for now I have to tell you about my new favorite recipe. I made it tonight by special request from my mom. (It's her birthday today. Happy birthday, Mom! J)

Are you ready for this? It is… Peanut Butter French Toast with Carmelized Bananas.

YES, it tastes just as good as it sounds. And here's the thing: It's not really a recipe per se, it's just a few quick tips to make your French Toast extra special.

First, I use white bread with this. Supposedly, this is the best choice of bread for this recipe. Why, I have no idea—but the recipe that inspired me to try this recommended white bread, so that's what I use.

Mix up your eggs, milk, cinnamon, whatever you use to dip your bread before cooking it. Then, before you dip the bread, spread peanut butter on one side of the bread. Cook as normal—but start with the non-peanut butter side. The PB gets a little goopy on the pan, so it makes a bit of a mess.

For the carmelized bananas, just slice bananas diagonally into circles/chips and place in a skillet. Put some sugar on them (seriously, I just dump some on… maybe ¼ C per 2 bananas… maybe not quite that much…?) and cook over med-low to medium heat until heated through and sugar is dissolved.

Top toast with bananas, and voila. It's awesome. Oh, and I like to add chocolate syrup to mine. And sometimes caramel.

No, it's not health food. But it has bananas in it, so how bad can it be?

So have you tried anything new lately that you'd like to share? I'm always up for new recipes!

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