Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Well, today I graduated to the next level as a mom... I made my first Mommy ER Trip!

The day started like any other... The kids and I got up, got dressed, and had breakfast... we went to the gym... then I asked Gracie what she wanted to do today, and she said, "I want Nana." So we headed out to my parents' house.

We played there for the morning, the kids watched a little TV, and we had lunch. I wanted to get home for naptime (Often the kids will just nap there.) b/c I had TONS to do, both around the house and for the MOPS Conference. So I carried our stuff out to the car and started the engine (read "air-conditioning"), then went back in to help the kids clean up their toys and get them in the car.

And that's when it happened. I picked up a few toys and directed Matt to pick up a toy and carry it back to the toy room (my old bedroom). He turned around and ran out of the room, and then tripped... and fell right into a hallway linen closet... into the handle of the bottom drawer. I saw him fall but didn't realize he had hit the handle, but I HEARD his forehead hit, so I knew it was gonna hurt. But then when I picked him up............. oh my goodness. Let's just say I'm not a fan of head wounds.

So I asked my dad to put Gracie down for her nap, and my mom and I headed for the local ER--fortunately just 5 minutes away. It was not a fun ride. But by the time we got there, the crying had stopped, the bleeding had stopped, and Matt felt the need to personally greet every person in the ER. :-) He didn't look too injured at that point, and I was feeling like a fool for 1) bringing him in, and 2) calling Jon and making him worry enough to reschedule all of his afternoon appointments to come join us.

But when we did get taken back (about an hour later), they said that it was deep and oddly shaped, and they recommended stitches.

Have you ever had a small child get stitches? It was WAY worse than the original wound. First they wrap him up in a sheet, then they velcro him into this big board with flaps that wrap around him, and THEN a nurse holds his head still while the doctor does his business. And of course, his business involves a shot in Matt's head (which didn't work to numb him, by the way), irrigating the wound, and doing... something else, all BEFORE he actually does the stitching! OY!!!

It was not a fun experience. For any of us.

But a few minutes later, a nurse brought him a popsicle. We didn't hear any more crying for the rest of the day.

Until we went back to my parents' house, and he fell and hit the OTHER side of his head on something else. Geez. At least there was no blood this time--just a big black-and-blue welt.

Here's to life with a boy: Cheers!


Leanne said...

my goodness, that sounds horrifiyingly (is that a word) stressful. i guess we've been lucky/blessed, with 3 boys we've never been to the ER, although there've been plenty of bumps and Silas did have to undergo an MRI which was not that fun for me or him, but at least there was no blood :) hope the poor little guy feels better

Courtney said...

Poor Matt, I saw your post above and he looks to be feeling better, but how scary for you too. Then he fell again? Put him in a bubble, lol. Btw, I understand not getting back to me about my e-mail yet, no worries!

Laurie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I have graduated to the ER too. My son also needed stitches after falling into the coffee table. It is so not a fun experience.
I hope that he is doing better today and so are you.

Mercedes said...

I am glad that he is okay. I am not ready to graduate yet, but with my son who knows. : ) I popped on your blog from sistas and love it.

Merrimom said...

I'm so sorry this happened to your sweet boy! We had a similar experience when our son was 1 1/2 - he fell on a sprinker head (the older, metal type). I however, was the complete opposite of you, and told my dear husband "It doesn't look to bad, I don't think he needs stitches..." Well, needless to say, dear hubby knew better, and off to the ER we went. 5 stitches later, I was feeling like a horrible mommy for not realizing he needed stitches, and the situation at the ER was just as you explained it. HORRIBLE.
Prayers for a speedy recovery!

~Trish~ said...

Oh your poor baby!!! I've had two ER trips within a three week period between my two kiddos. You'll have to check out my past postings to read my ordeal...sheesh what us mothers go through huh???

A fellow SITS sista :)

Jen said...

I am glad that you survived your 1st ER trip, hopefully there will be on more. What are you going to do with boys?
Thanks for you visit that other day.
Fellow SITS sista.

mrsbear0309 said...

Oh Lord. Poor baby. Glad you all made it back in one piece and he seems no worse for the wear. I know mine at least are always falling down, yikes. Congrats on the saucy blog too, SITSta.