Friday, July 11, 2008

The not-so-mighty Samson

No, this is not a story of a fallen Biblical warrior. This story is about my cat, Samson.

Let me tell you, as a mom I will do anything for my children. I don't enjoy when they are sick, but I don't mind it, either. You just do what you have to do, and you love them through it, and you think about the grossness of it all later. Right?

Being a pet owner is different.

This morning my kids and I were on the go. We went to the gym for a quick workout (I am so thankful for a gym with childcare!), then to a friend's house for a play date and lunch. We came back home just in time for me to get them down for naps because we're going to another friend's house tonight. I had just gotten them settled and started to make a mental to-do list for nap time.

And then, I heard a noise. "Was that one of the kids?" I asked myself. I listened. There it was again. "Wait a minute... I think that's a cat." At first I thought it was coming through one of the monitors--that the cat had been sleeping under a bed, and wanted out now that I had closed the door. But no... no, this was coming from the basement. I looked down the stairs (to our FINISHED, CARPETED basement, I should add) and saw two huge piles of cat puke.


I grabbed the paper towels and Resolve (meaning both the cleaner and my own determination, by the way :-) ) and went down to clean it up. But when I got to the bottom of the stairs, I heard the crying again, from another spot in the basement. I looked... and there he was, under the pool table... along with evidence that he was still sick--and lets just say that it was not limited to puking.

Seriously, Lord?

I opened the window (We have a partial daylight basement, so the window is at ground level.), picked him up and put him outside. (He and Delilah--yes, Samson and Delilah--are indoor/outdoor cats.) And that's when I realized... he was laying in diarrhea. It was matted on his fur. I put him down as gently and quickly as possible.

And then I got to work. If you need to feel better about yourself today, just picture me--not just cleaning up after a sick cat, but doing it while crawling under the pool table. As unhappy as I was, I took comfort in knowing I could share my misery with all of you! lol :-) And so, armed with paper towels and a shop-vac--YES, a shop-vac--I did my duty quickly so that I could come and share my day with you.

For those of you who are worrying that I have left a sick cat laying outside while I blog, my dear, sweet husband came home from work to take Samson to the vet. And since he is taking off from a very stressful week to tend to my cat, I should probably be spending my time doing something useful for my family instead of indulging my blogging addiction. :-)

But before I go, I need to get some advice on future pets... Has anyone ever heard of a puking fish?


Courtney said...

Oh gross! Being a pet owner is tough. I hope the cat is okay.

Courtney said...

BTW, my friend just gave away two cats named Samson and Delilah, so you are not alone in the names.